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ALD Training direct from the ALD Authority

Welcome to the Resource Center!

The site is in the process of a major update. You are welcome to look around while the updates take place. Thanks!

  • Do you pride yourself on staying current with the best practices and newest ALD products to best serve your clients?
  • Are you searching for quality content related to your questions on ALDs, without being caught up in hours of research to find answers to your questions? 
  • Does your job include the need to be knowledgeable about ALDs and to recommend solutions to colleagues and clients?
  • Jump straight to learn more about the ALD Class here.

If you are like many professionals who work with people with hearing loss, you desire practical advice and solid training to become more confident in recommending the most appropriate ALD solutions for clients. You take pride in offering the highest level of service. You despair over the lack of training opportunities available.

Becky Morris designed this site for people like you. It is a members-only resource for professionals and technology resources who need ALD information and support.

Unlike print publications, the information available in the Learning Center is fresh and current. New product information is added as it becomes available. Training modules are updated as products are introduced or are discontinued.

Members of Becky's Resource Center have the technical information they want at their fingertips, 24/7. So whether you staff a demonstration center, share information for consumer organizations, provide direct services through vocational rehabilitation or are a hearing healthcare professional, you will find the ALD Training you have been asking for in the Resource Center. 

  • Look through the Sample Articles to get a flavor of the type of information on the site.
  • Check out the Membership Options if you'd like to have access to the highest level of technical materials on ALDS available on the web.
  • Sign up for the TIP OF THE WEEK to get short and sweet tips on ALDs.
  • Contact us if you have any questions.

ALD Class Members Have Lots to Say About the Class!  Read here!





Cardionics ViScope Review
The Cardionics ViScope has hit the scene. We have it and have our own thoughts on it. This page will be updated often, so refer back for issues we find as well as the solutions to them. . . . keep reading
ViScope Visual Amplified Stethoscope Has Arrived.
ViScope Visual Amplified Stethoscope Has Arrived. The Cardionics ViScope is a visual amplified stethoscope that will not only amplify the sound, but also display it. . . . keep reading
T3 Smoke Detector Alarm Pattern
What is a T3 or temporal pattern smoke detector alarm? And why is it important to understand? . . . keep reading
Paging System Options
Paging systems for people with hearing loss are a challenge. There are several options available, usually dependent on the area that needs to be covered. . . . keep reading
Streamers - also called Digital Gateway Devices
Many people have questions about streamers; How do they work? Where do you get them? Streamers are an accessory for many hearing aids. A streamer is a device that is worn around the ne . . . keep reading
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